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Game and save dumper, reverse engineering tool, in system debugger, and cart flasher all in one!

CopyNES is the most versatile hardware NES tool. This updated USB version avoids parallel port compatibility problems and runs at the maximum speed for the system. After soldering the board inside your NES system and connecting to your computer you can:
  • Dump NES games and Famicom (with pin adapter) games
  • Dump and rewrite saves
  • Reverse engineer games and mappers
  • Test and debug your homebrew on the system with a flash cart
  • Flash Glider, PowerPak Lite, UFROM, NSF, and RAM carts
  • Fix Game Action Replay carts after replacing the battery

  • CopyNES is a fully DIY tool. Installation requires soldering, desoldering, and hole cutting on an original front loading NES system. For best results you will need at least basic knowledge of NES mappers, boards, and NES programming.

    Works on NTSC and PAL systems. Software requires Windows OS, see links below. Protocol and drivers are public so others can write Win/Linux/MacOS clients.

    USB board installed USB socket on back Options screen

    Package Includes:
  • USB CopyNES board
  • 1 - 1uf 16V cap
  • NES system NOT included

  • System Compatibility List:
  • Works on all authentic Nintendo front loading systems.
  • Does NOT work on clone systems like the NEX, Yobo, or FC Twin.
  • Does not work on Famicom or top loader systems without extensive rewiring.
  • Tested only on Windows XP, alternate host app works with newer Windows OS. See link below

  • Downloads:
  • USB CopyNES Installation Manual PDF (1.9MB) - Explanation of how to install the USB CopyNES board.
  • USB CopyNES host app zip version 4.0.1 (640KB) - Windows XP/2k host application.(yes, this is old, see link below for alternate version)
  • USB CopyNES source files zip version 4.0.0 (1MB) - BIOS, plugin, and host app source code.

  • Alternate/updated host application by Brad Smith. Works on modern versions of Windows. Download directly from his GitHub: