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All the parts to upgrade your own NES or SNES controller to USB. Can be put inside the controller, or build real NES/SNES ports onto your computer. Works with standard controllers (original, Max, dogbone, Advantage, etc), does not work with peripherals (Zapper, FourScore, etc).

Kit includes board and USB cable (appx 1.5m), and requires soldering.

NES Wiring Diagram:

SNES Wiring Diagram:

Troubleshooting Help:

1. Learn to solder correctly and use the right controller for the chip. This is where almost all problems occur. The RetroKit is only designed for one controller.

2. Use a known good controller. Controllers that do not work on the original system will not work with the RetroKit. If it was dead before, it will still be dead.

3. Check if the controller works in the system, not in an emulator. In Windows you can use the Game Controllers control panel (no calibration is ever needed) and in MacOSX you can use a program like GamePad Companion or USB Overdrive.

4. Make sure the chip is being recognized by the computer. Make sure the USB wires are soldered to the correct place and disconnect all controller wires. Then plug the usb cable into your computer and check if it is being recognized. In Windows you can check in the Game Controllers control panel. In MacOSX you can check in the System Profile. If it shows up as a USB device, the chip is working correctly.

5. Check the jumper tabs. Go to the tabs picture and make sure you haven't accidently unsoldered the tabs. The two vertical tabs marked in red should be soldered and should not be connected horizontally.

6. Check controller voltage. Resolder the controller wires correctly and check the voltage at the controller. There should be about 5V between the brown controller wire and white controller wire.

7. One button triggering all buttons is a sign that the controller is dead or one of the red/orange/yellow wires is in the wrong place or not making good contact.