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Help! It's Larry's 40th birthday and he has still yet to find the loving touch of a woman. Can you help guide him through the twists and turns of Lost Wages in search of true love? Or at least a fleeting romantic fling? Larry will take what he can get at this point!

Come along for a ride and visit one of the numerous locales meticulously recreated for this port of the classic DOS game. You'll come in contact with vagabonds, alcoholics, prostitutes, store clerks, stoners, comedians, women, women, and more women!

Gambling, dancing, drinking, smoking, shopping... this game has it all! Don't let Larry down! He needs you! Lord knows he hasn't had any luck on his own.

This game is presented with on-board flash memory, so you will never lose your save game progress (unless you choose to reset it!). You have full access to save and restore at your leisure! (pun not intended)

The taxi is available to drive you all over town!
Stop by your local convenience store to pick up goodies
Running low on funds? Try your luck gambling!

Package Includes:
  • Larry and the Long Look For a Luscious Lover cart (KHG-LL-GBL)
  • Ciclone multi region lockout chip for NTSC, PAL A, PAL B, Asian Systems
  • Brand new clear dust sleeve
  • Full color manual

  • System Compatibility List:
  • Works on authentic Nintendo Systems including NTSC, PAL A, PAL B, and Asian systems.
  • Works on clone systems like the NEX, Yobo, RetroDuo, and FC Twin.
  • Untested on Famicom using 72-60 pin converter, should work.
  • Untested on portable systems, should work.
  • Will not work on stolen software emulators like the Retron 5.