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NWC 1990
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Own a repro of the Grail!

Challenge your friends to a Nintendo World Championship without spending thousands

This NWC 1990 Reproduction cart plays exactly like the original so you can see how you stack up against the best on real hardware. No more wondering if your emulator is giving you the correct time limit. The cart is complete with DIP switches, which can be set up for the official contest time of 6:21. The multi region Ciclone in the cart means it will work on NTSC, PAL A, PAL B, or Asian NES systems without needing to disable the lockout chip. If you have a top loader this board will still work fine, unlike the original. The game will run slower on PAL systems but the time limit will be extended.

The printed manual includes exclusive NWC content from Rich Ambler and Thor Aackerlund who battled for the championship. Tips and cheats are published like never before!

This cart has been produced so it will not be confused for an authentic gray or gold cart. The board is drastically different and uses completely different chips. If anyone is trying to sell these as original they should be reported immediately.

No donor carts were harmed in the making of this game.

NWC 1990 Intro
Play Mario, Rad Racer, Tetris
Current Champion:
JC (Cart #12)

Package Includes:
  • NWC 1990 Reproduction Cartridge with high quality label
  • Ciclone multi region lockout chip for NTSC, PAL A, PAL B, Asian Systems
  • Color manual with exclusive content
  • New dust sleeve

  • System Compatibility List:
  • Works on authentic Nintendo Systems including NTSC toaster, top loader, PAL A, PAL B, and Asian systems.
  • Works on clone systems like the NEX, Yobo, or FC Twin.
  • Will not work on a Famicom, no start button on the 2nd controller.
  • Untested on portable systems, should work assuming you can plug in a 2nd controller.

  • Current Known Bugs:
  • Rad Racer has issues playing properly on PAL systems.