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SNES PowerPak
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CF Card:

Play your Super Nintendo games with just one cart!

No Floppies!
No Parallel Cables!
No Old Confusing Software!
No Power Supplies!

Just copy your games onto one Compact Flash card, insert into the SNES PowerPak, and play!

When you start your SNES you get a file browser to choose your game. Then you can load and store battery RAM so all your saved games stay saved. Save files can also be transferred to and from your computer for use with emulators. Built in Game Genie code support lets you use 5 cheat codes at once.

SDRAM and DMA are used for fast game loading so you can play in seconds. This means a quick cycle for homebrew development. Now you can see your creation on real hardware instead of relying on emulators. In cart support for the DSP1 chip lets you play games like Super Mario Kart that are missing from some other SNES products. Huge 128Mbit memory means even the largest games can be played without buying hard to find memory expansions. Versatile memory mapping runs games correctly without FastROM hacking or RAM mirroring problems. Unlike all other flash carts the SNES PowerPak includes the Super Ciclone chip so consoles of all regions are supported.

Standard FAT16 or FAT32 formatted carts are used so there is no special software to load games onto the card. Organize your games in folders any way you want for faster browsing. Compact Flash is used instead of something else like SD for maximum speed. The SNES processor is the bottleneck so the parallel CF card is around 10 times faster than the serial SD card.

The entire PowerPak system is updateable for future additions and bug fixes. All loading files are stored on the CF card for easy upgrading. Just download the most recent Mappers file below, unzip, then copy the folder to the root of your CF card. The boot ROM is socketed for easy reflashing but this will hopefully never be needed. If it is needed and you do not have a programmer, you just pay the shipping to get your SNES PowerPak here and I will reflash then mail it back free.

The CF Card option includes a formatted CF card with the required SNES PowerPak files already loaded. No games are on the card.

The USB Card Reader option includes a USB card reader so you can load your games from your computer on to the card.

Browse the card to select your game Choose battery RAM and Game Genie options Play!

Package Includes:
  • SNES PowerPak cartridge (RET-SD-GBL) with high quality label
  • Super Ciclone chip for both PAL and NTSC compatibility
  • DSP1 expansion chip installed
  • 2GB CF card included
  • Optional 4GB CF card and USB card reader
  • 5 year replacement warranty - if the cart stops working we replace it
  • Lifetime boot rom updates - mail the cart here, we update then mail back free
  • Returns on known bugs are not accepted

  • System Compatibility List:
  • Works on full size Super Nintendo and Super Famicom systems from both NTSC and PAL regions.
  • Works on the Nintendo SNES mini, aka SNES Jr.
  • Works on the RetroDuo and FC Twin clones
  • Other clones untested, likely to work.

  • Game Compatibility List:
  • Games that use expansion chips other than the DSP1 are not supported, and will not be added.
  • Current (in)compatibility list

  • Current Known Bugs that aren't Bugs:
  • File display does NOT sort alphabetically. Sorting would slow down file browsing. Use a drive sorter app to sort files on your CF card.

  • Downloads:
  • SNES PowerPak Manual v1.05 PDF - Explanation of how to set up the CF card and use the SNES PowerPak, read this first
  • SNES PowerPak Mappers v1.05 - unzip then copy the POWERPAK folder into the root of your CF card
  • Empty Save File (8KB) - unzip then copy the file anywhere on your card
  • SNES PowerPak Change List - specifies updates in the mappers and boot rom for each version

  • Old Downloads:
  • SNES PowerPak Mappers v1.03