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Wireless Gamepad
price:$ 55.00 

Wireless Gamepad for NES and AVS consoles

Buttons - Using the same layout as the original NES controller (which is the only true layout) the microswitch buttons instead of rubber pads give a consistent feel. Extra attention was put into the dpad to get great diagonals without accidental presses.

Battery - The internal lipo battery charges over USB and lasts over 100 hours. The gamepad goes to sleep after a few minutes of inactivity so you don't have to worry about it being left on.
To charge just plug in the USB cable!
--Dead batteries will need 4-6+ hours of charging time before they are ready for the next marathon!

Adjustable Turbo - Need a little help in 1942? Set the turbo rate for A and B separately to get the best firing speed, like the Advantage. Hold down A or B, then press Turbo + or - to adjust the rate.

Four Players - If you have friends, they can play too! If not, go find some to play Contra. Use up to four gamepads at a time.

Latency - Sorry you can't blame the equipment for your poor playing. We tested with top Tetris players to figure out the point where they can notice input lag, then optimized the gamepad to be under that level. This is one of the main reasons bluetooth is not used.

Distance - Rooms are much bigger than they were in the 80s, and this gamepad keeps up. By the time you are out of range you won't be able to see your TV anymore. See someone try at an expo...

Package Includes:
  • Wireless Gamepad
  • Wireless Receiver
  • Full color box
  • USB charging cable