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PowerGlove RetroKit
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All the parts to upgrade your own PowerGlove to USB. This gives you complete access to all the raw 3D, finger, and button data. Kit includes board, USB cable, and requires soldering.

The sensors for the PowerGlove are perfectly shaped to fit on a tv or monitor, but that is the worst place to put them. The system uses ultrasonic waves to determine distance. Those waves bounce off of hard surfaces. The hard flat monitor behind the sensors reflects the waves and confuses the system, creating bad readings. A good setup will have something to absorb the waves, like a towel draped over the top bar.

The glove should be 3 to 6 feet away from the sensors, and always pointed at them. There should be nothing between the glove and sensors that would block or reflect waves. The ideal setup would be a large empty room with absorbant walls.

The glove should beep twice when you first plug it in. If it beeps after that, it can't find the sensors. Positioning and rotation can be calibrated by pressing the Center button on the glove. Fingers can be calibrated by quickly making a fist a few times. Accuracy of the position will always be better near the center and bad at the edges.

For use with music programs like GarageBand, the USB PowerGlove can be used as a MIDI input device. Just get a program like Junxion from STEIM that does USB gamepad to MIDI translation. It gives full access to all axis and buttons with customizable options for each one. You could set up the X and Y axis to play notes, use fingers to change instruments, and rotation to do pitch bending.

Wiring Diagram: