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  Spring 2023 AVS update! This update applies to ALL orders for the AVS. See pinned posts on our twitter or facebook for full details.

PowerPak Lite
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The fastest dev cycle for homebrewers

Now you can test your games on real hardware without dealing with soldering, rom chips, or worrying about using the right donor board. Requires CopyNES with the EXP0 programming wire mod.

Just plug the PowerPak Lite into your CopyNES system, then choose the RAM Cart option. All the mapper, mirroring, and data size info is automatically configured from your .nes file. In just a few seconds your game is loaded onto the cart and is ready to play. WRAM can be loaded and saved back to your computer.

The PowerPak Lite board supports 8 different common mappers:

iNES Board MAX
WRAM Mirror
1 MMC1 128KB 8KB 256KB 8KB H/V/One
2 U*ROM 8KB 256KB H/V
7 A*ROM 8KB 256KB One
11 ColorDreams 128KB 128KB H/V
34 BNROM 8KB 128KB H/V
66 GNROM 16KB 64KB H/V
Choose game in CopyNES Upload to PowerPak Lite Play!

Package Includes:
  • PowerPak Lite cartridge with high quality label
  • Brand new clear dust sleeve
  • 5 year replacement warantee - if the cart stops working we replace it
  • Lifetime CPLD updates - mail the cart here, we update then mail back free
  • Lockout chip not need - CopyNES already has lockout disabled

  • Downloads:
  • CopyNES QBASIC nesdump vers 3 (24KB) - unzip and put into COPYNES dir
  • PowerPak Lite plugin - unzip and put into PLUGDONE dir
  • PowerPak plugin - unzip and put into PLUGDONE dir

  • System Compatibility List:
  • Only works on the CopyNES system.
  • Does NOT work on clone systems like the NEX, Yobo, or FC Twin.

  • Current Known Bugs:
  • none

  • Technical Info:
    Inside the PowerPak Lite is a Xilinx CPLD, 512KB prg/wram space, 128KB chr space. All memory is RAM so it writes fastest and has no write limit. This also means the PowerPak Lite cannot be used outside the CopyNES system. The CPLD power must be kept on after programming so battery backup is not feasable. The JTAG port on the CPLD is brought out to the board if you want to reprogram it for your own uses. 8KB WRAM is always enabled so even mappers like NROM can use it.