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See a commercial for Airball created by the guys at www.retrowaretv.com

Own a copy of Airball, the first production CIB NES release in over a decade

Can you outwit the wizard before he deflates your existance?

"Now you are really in trouble," said the evil wizard Navi, "for I am turning you into a ball and sending you into my dungeon with over 250 rooms! If that sounds easy I'm telling you it's not, because you have a fatal slow leak and you must find a room with a pump or you will surely die! Do not pump yourself up too much or you will explode in a rubbery mess."

Explore the wizard's 3D isometric dungeon through 3 difficulty levels. Each level the items are rearranged and new challenges are added. The printed manual includes some Game Genie codes to make your quest easier.

Much more than a reproduction, this original game cartridge is built using all new parts. No donor carts were harmed in the making of this game.

Airball Title
Wizard Attacks!
Explore the Dungeon

Package Includes:
  • Airball clear cart with high quality vinyl label (RET-AB-GBL)
  • Ciclone multi region lockout chip for NTSC, PAL A, PAL B, Asian Systems
  • Printed die cut paperboard box
  • Printed color manual
  • Black dust sleeve

  • System Compatibility List:
  • Works on authentic Nintendo Systems including NTSC, PAL A, PAL B, and Asian systems.
  • Works on clone systems like the NEX, Yobo, or FC Twin.
  • Untested on Famicom using 72-60 pin converter, should work.
  • Untested on portable systems, should work.

  • Current Known Bugs:
  • none